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Carpet Cleaner in Liverpool

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Are you looking for a Carpet Cleaner in Liverpool? Melling Carpet Care are one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in Liverpool specialising in cleaning all types of carpets and rugs safely and effectively. If you’re looking for a carpet cleaner in Liverpool call the experts today at Melling Carpet Care.

Sofa Cleaner Liverpool

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We offer Sofa Cleaning including both material and leather. We offer the complete leather cleaning service for all your leather upholstery. We use only the correct cleaning products which safely and effectively remove any dirt from the surface of any material. If you’re looking for a Sofa Cleaner in Liverpool look no further than Melling Carpet Care.

Rug Cleaner Liverpool

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Melling Carpet Care have been cleaning rugs for many years. We can clean any type of rug including Chinese and Persian either at your property or we also provide a pick up and drop back service. If you’re needing a rug cleaner in Liverpool look no further than Melling Carpet Care.

About us

Melling Carpet Cleaners are one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in Liverpool, specialising in cleaning all types of carpets and rugs safely and effectively, as-well as all your upholstery both material and leather and even those curtains that you would rather have cleaned while hanging.


Money Back Guarantee
We have full insurance and offer a money back guarantee if not totally satisfied with our work.

Our team of carpet cleaners and cleaning specialists specialise in domestic and commercial work for Offices, Shops, Pubs, Churches, Estate Agents, Rental Agents End of Tenancy Cleans and Restaurants

For more information on our carpet cleaning services please call our Liverpool office today on 0151 548 5294 to speak to one of our professional carpet cleaners.


Andy of Melling Carpet Care has cleaned my leather suite and beige carpets for a good few years and is always on time and does a terrific...

Mrs Wilkinson Southport.

Andy has been cleaning my carpets for about 12 years now and I am always pleasantly surprised at just how well they still come up.

Jim Watt Liverpool

Andy has cleaned my carpets and upholstery for over 15 years and always does a superb job.

Anne Newlyn Avenue, Maghull.

We always use Andy to maintain our rental properties when the need arises as we can rely on a good job well done.


Matt Liverpool

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