Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Liverpool

We have been cleaning Chinese and Persian rugs for many years and can either clean them at your property or we also provide a pick up and drop back service.

We firstly identify the type of rug before starting any cleaning procedure and test for colourfastness and shrinkage.

The vast majority of rugs are fine to clean with our normal cleaning procedure but sometimes we may need to use an acidic based cleaner or rinse if the dyes seem unstable.

Rest assured we will take full care of your valuable item and we provide a comprehensive cleaning procedure starting with;
  1. A thorough vacuum to remove any loose dirt with our industrial strength vacuum cleaner.
  2. We then pre spray the rug with the appropriate cleaning agent.
  3. The pre spray is then agitated into the rug with mechanical agitation to fully breakdown any dirt particles.
  4. We then use an extraction machine which rinses the dirt and pre spray out of the carpet.
  5. We then treat any stubborn stains and repeat the last procedure until all possible dirt and staining is removed.
  6. Finally we reset the pile with a carpet groom and turbo dry the rug.