We offer the complete leather cleaning service for all your leather upholstery;

Without getting too technical there are many types of leather, Nubuck, Analine, Semi Analine, Pigmented etc. It is important that we establish the type of leather we are dealing with before carrying out any cleaning or restoration.

Knowing what to use on a particular item is vitally important and this is where many customers go wrong by thinking they can use baby wipes, washing up liquid and other products that are not made for cleaning leather and can destroy the top coat and cause the leather to crack.

The majority of leather upholstery sold in the UK is pigmented which means it has been dyed and a top coat has been applied which seals the colour in.

We use only the correct cleaning products which safely and effectively remove any dirt from the surface of the leather.

We then use a conditioning and protection cream which not only re-hydrates the leather which keeps it supple and prevents it from cracking but it also provides a protective barrier to help stop future dirt and staining becoming permanent. The furniture clinic product we use also puts a natural sheen back on the leather and has a leather aroma infusion in to give it that just new smell.


Andy of Melling Carpet Care has cleaned my leather suite and beige carpets for a good few years and is always on time and does a terrific...

Mrs Wilkinson Southport.

Andy has been cleaning my carpets for about 12 years now and I am always pleasantly surprised at just how well they still come up.

Jim Watt Liverpool

Andy has cleaned my carpets and upholstery for over 15 years and always does a superb job.

Anne Newlyn Avenue, Maghull.

We always use Andy to maintain our rental properties when the need arises as we can rely on a good job well done.


Matt Liverpool