Carpet Cleaner in Childwall

Carpet Cleaner in ChildwallUse the services of an expert carpet cleaner in Childwall to get your grubby carpets looking like new. A regular vacuuming can make the carpets look clean, but are they really clean? Most vacuum cleaners, even the more powerful ones, cannot get rid of deep-down dirt or germs. Accumulated soil and dirt are major causes of reduced carpet and life, and allow destructive and harmful mites and bacteria to work unchecked. The costs of using the services of a professional carpet cleaner are minimal, especially if you the replacement costs of carpets, so regular cleaning makes economic sense too.

For stained and tired looking carpets in Childwall, carpet cleaner services can bring new life to your carpets. Not only will they look and smell fantastic, they will last longer too. At Melling Carpet Care, we use 3 different methods to ensure a beautifully clean and deodorised carpet. The hot water extraction method is our preferred method when cleaning carpets. This method is the only method recommended by Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer. Low moisture cleaning is method number 2, and this is more suitable for large office areas with carpet tiles. We will use dry cleaning in extreme cases where there could be a problem with shrinkage or colour migration. To ensure a spotlessly clean carpet we follow a number of steps, where we will first give the carpet a thorough vacuum to release any loose dirt. A cleaning solution is then sprayed onto the carpet and is agitated deep into the pile. After which, our powerful extraction machine flushes the dirt and pre-spray out. If there any stubborn stains they are treated and removed where possible.

A carpet cleaner in Childwall provides many benefits. Should you want beautifully clean carpets and would like to more about a professional carpet cleaner, contact Melling Carpet Care. Clean carpets mean a more hygienic environment as all dust, soil and mites are removed. This will reduce the risk of allergies and mould growth. Our experts are members of TACCA which means they have the equipment, training and experience to know how, when and where to use it. Your carpets will look good and smell great.