Do You Require Rug Cleaning in Maghull?

Do You Require Rug Cleaning in MaghullDo you require rug cleaning in Maghull? Most carpet manufacturers recommend a professional cleaning twice a year. Proper cleaning pulls out the dirt and grime in your rug. You may be able to spot clean the surface of the rug yourself but you can’t get down into the fibres where the microscopic bits of abrasive dirt and grime hide. Every footfall is like sand paper to the carpet fibres. At Melling Carpet Care we have the proper solutions and equipment to pull the grit out. You will notice how much softer your carpet is to the touch once it’s clean again.  Regular weekly vacuuming will help keep the buildup of dirt to a minimum between professional cleanings. You might consider more frequent vacuum for heavy traffic areas.

Popular times of year for rug cleaning is before winter holidays and in early spring. In Maghull, do you require rug cleaning to clean the air of mould, dust mites and pet dander? Melling Carpet Care has effective solutions especially for those pesky irritants that pollute indoor air. A professional rug cleaning not only cleans the air but it makes your whole house smell fresh. Carpets are a significant financial investment in the comfort and appearance of your home. You may extend the life of that investment and get the most for your money with proper rug cleaning from Melling Carpet Care.

Do you require rug cleaning in Maghull but are afraid to trust your valuable Persian rugs to cleaning solutions? We have been cleaning Persian, Chinese and other area rugs for many years. We carefully test your rug to determine the type of cleaning solution that will be safe and not cause colours to run. We are fully insured and all of our work is guaranteed. Contact Melling Carpet Care and we can put your mind at ease should you require rug cleaning. We will explain our whole procedure so you can feel confident that we will care for your rugs as if they are our own. We are happy to clean your rugs at your home or we can roll them up and bring them to our cleaning facility. Everything is at your convenience