Carpet Cleaners in Wavertree

Carpet Cleaners in Wavertree Carpet cleaners in Wavertree know that a vacuum cleaner can only remove a certain amount of dirt. Carpets are still as popular as ever because of their comfort and their good looks but a good vacuum and spot cleaning is only effective for a short while. At some time or other a professional clean will be required to get your carpets back to their ‘as-good-as-new’ looks.  A professional clean will extend the life of your carpet and get rid of tiny dust particles and bacteria that can build up and become a health hazard. Particles left over in your carpet can lead to allergies and breathing problems. Professional carpet cleaners such as Melling Carpet Care can work to remove bacteria and dust mites so that your carpets are spotlessly clean and so that your family’s health isn’t jeopardised.

When your carpets are professionally cleaned, not only do they look like new, but they feel good too, much softer to the touch. In Wavertree, carpet cleaners clean all types of carpets effectively and safely. We make use of 3 different types of cleaning methods, choosing the method that is most suitable for your type of carpet. The hot water extraction method is our cleaning method of choice. It is the method recommended by Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer. This method is suitable for most domestic carpets and it also used on a number of commercial cleaning projects because of its effectiveness and ease of use. This method entails a comprehensive step by step procedure to ensure the best results. To start, the carpet is given a thoroughly vacuuming to release any loose dirt. After this a cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpet and agitated deep into the pile with our machine. Our powerful extraction machine then washes the dirt and pre spray out, leaving your carpets looking and smelling like new.

When you need your carpets thoroughly cleaned, carpet cleaners in Wavertree can p provide an effective service. For more information our carpet cleaners, or to schedule an appointment, contact Melling Carpet Care. First established in 1994, we continue to provide professional carpet cleaning services to all our clients. Let us give new life to your carpets.