Carpet Cleaners in Huyton

Carpet Cleaners in HuytonWe are your best call for carpet cleaners in Huyton. Carpet, rugs, upholstery including leather and curtains has been our business since 1994. So we know a thing or two about fabrics and how to clean them safely. We cover a broad geographic area with a large customer base. We believe in friendly customer service but really, that’s nothing to brag about. It seems treating people well and honestly is the normal thing to do. So we’re normal but we know that won’t help us much unless we do a good job at a fair price. We can’t use the wrong solution and expect the right results. That’s where our dedication to knowledge of all carpet fibres and backing make a difference. We stay current with new fabrics, solutions and cleaning methods.

Wool, silks, blends and synthetics are the major fabrics but within each category there are variables. If in Huyton, carpet cleaners you hire don’t know the differences, you’re carpet could be ruined. The same is true of spot removal solutions. We use three different methods for carpet cleaning. Hot water extraction is the most popular, works really well to get the dirt out without leaving behind a residue and dries fast. Homeowners and commercial clients appreciate the results of this method. Some carpets can’t be cleaned with water due to colour runs or shrinkage. For these we have a good dry cleaning solution that will bring out the true carpet colours without damaging the fibres.

As long time carpet cleaners in Huyton, we understand why carpet tiles are popular for family recreation rooms and commercial business. It’s a cost effective method for high traffic areas because the overall look and feel is carpet but a closer look reveals its individual tiles. A carpet tile gets stained or worn, you just replace the tile instead of the whole carpet. However, these carpets often need more frequent cleaning because of high traffic but we can’t use the hot water extraction method. The amount of water used by hot water extraction and the extraction itself might loosen carpet tiles. For these carpets we use a low moisture method that cleans beautifully and dries fast. Everybody can go back to work within 30 minutes. Contact Melling Carpet Care when you need carpet cleaning. You’ll get friendly customer services and fair prices from us but you’ll also get what you really want; a clean carpet.