Carpet Cleaners in Rainford

Carpet Cleaners in RainfordAs carpet cleaners in Rainford, we established our service-oriented business in 1994. During that time, new technologies have brought us carpet blends that are durable and beautiful and we’ve kept the older carpet fabrics that have proven themselves over time. Cleaning techniques and solutions have improved as well. Our customers love the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning. We use it for most of our carpet cleaning jobs both domestic and commercial. Modern carpet blends respond wonderfully well to hot water extraction. It’s important to know that cleaning your carpets does not wear them out as some believe. On the contrary, clean carpets maintain their new look and last longer.

What everybody loves about our primary carpet cleaning process is they can walk on the carpet within a couple of hours. In the past in Rainford, carpet cleaners left a lot of water behind in the rug. Papers had to be placed under furniture to protect the wooden legs from the moisture. They also protected the carpet from the paint or stain of the wood from bleeding onto the carpet. A week could go by and there would still be damp places. Instead of clean carpet equals clean air, the air would start to smell a little mouldy. The dampness deep in the carpet fibres causes that. No more. Our powerful extraction method pulls the dirt, grit, allergens, food odours and the water out of your carpet so it’s dry to the touch right away.

Carpet cleaners in Rainford have a dry cleaning method for carpets that are not colour safe or might shrink. We also have a safe method for carpet tiles often used in commercial spaces. Both are very effective. Today’s modern carpet fibres easily stand up to gentle cleaning solutions and hot water extraction for a deep-down clean. The extraction method doesn’t just pull the water out; it’s bringing all the dirt with it. Another big plus is no residue left behind to attract dirt. Contact Melling Carpet Care to clean your carpets as frequently as you like. It’s good for your carpet and good for the air in your home.