Professional and Affordable Carpet Cleaning in Knowsley by an Expert Team

Carpet Cleaning in Knowsley Have you put off carpet cleaning in Knowsley because you fear the cleaning solutions will damage your carpet? Many of our customers at Melling Carpet Care have, at times, expressed concerns about colour fading, pile damage, shrinkage, and dirt attracting residue. Some feel that even their modern fibre carpets and carpets could be damaged. Since the fibres are treated to resist dirt and stain, they fear carpet cleaning will strip away that protection. These are all legitimate concerns. During our quarter of a century in business, we at Melling Carpet have encountered cause for most of these concerns. Fortunately, while carpet manufacturers have created more durable carpets, the cleaning industry has instituted some wonderful innovations and technologies of our own.

We have encountered most carpet materials, weaves and dyes. In Knowsley, carpet cleaning using our extraction, low moisture or dry cleaning methods are safe and effective for carpets. We don’t just guess what method is best for your carpet even though we likely know just by examining the materials. We test a small area of your carpet and wait for results before we proceed. Your grandmother’s heirloom Persian carpet is safe with us. If need be, we will bring the carpet to our shop for safe and effective cleaning. We’re fully insured so your investment is safe but we know it’s the carpet itself that matters. That’s where our long experience and understanding of the carpet manufacturing methods over the centuries will serve you well.

Carpet cleaning in Knowsley is usually a straightforward process. However, we are well versed in the care and cleaning of the special fabrics like silk and bamboo. The traditional hand crafts used for carpet making are treasured by many. We have cleaning methods to preserve the integrity of the both the materials and creative process. Contact Melling Carpet Care where extraordinary carpets are safely cleaned and preserved. Most were created to endure. With proper care we can help them retain their beauty through careful cleaning. Consider our other services as well. We clean domestic and commercial carpets, carpets, upholstery and curtains safely and effectively at the lowest possible price.