The Best Carpet Cleaners in Rainford Are Available to Assist

Best Carpet Cleaners in Rainford Extend the life of your floor coverings with help from the best carpet cleaners in Rainford. Removing stains and wiping up spills promptly ensures that your carpets and rugs last longer. The stains will not penetrate deeper into the pile. Liquids such as juice, milk or wine become a breeding ground for mould and micro-organisms if you don’t attend to them immediately. Our team can help you with the right inputs and advice. Our cleaning services are available to both domestic and commercial clients. We clean all types, sizes and textures of carpets effectively, without damaging them. You can entrust your valuable heirloom carpets to us, and we will take good care of them. Whether your carpets are valuable, or for everyday use, our cleaning crew will handle the job perfectly.

You’ll find, in Rainford, the best carpet cleaners in our firm use a variety of methods. These include hot water extraction, low moisture and dry cleaning. Each one of these processes is designed for a specific purpose. Hot water extraction is ideal for carpets in residential and office settings. Low moisture cleaning is meant for carpet tiles and large commercial carpets. Dry cleaning is rarely used, except if there is a risk of colour bleeding or shrinkage. Once we conduct a thorough survey of your carpets, our experts can select the right cleaning method. Hot water extraction uses hot water at high pressure to dislodge and remove stubborn dirt. We apply a gentle cleaning agent and allow it to settle for a while to dissolve the dirt. After this, we “wash” out the carpet with our modern cleaning equipment. The carpet is then fully dried.

As the best carpet cleaners in Rainford, we use slow moisture methods such as bonneting or encapsulation with special detergents. These are ideal for hotels, resorts, spas and other commercial spaces. Dry cleaning is one of the newest methods available, and uses special cleaning compounds. Get in touch with Melling Carpet Care for more information. Our team would be glad to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. No matter how large or small the project, we’re happy to be of help.