Carpet Cleaner in Burscough

Carpet Cleaner in BurscoughAs a leading carpet cleaner in Burscough and the surrounding Liverpool area, Melling Carpet Care has carpet cleaning down to a fine art. Using our systematic approach, experience tested cleaning solutions and equipment we will have your carpet looking and smelling fresh. You may have paid thousands for your home or commercial carpeting. A once or twice a year carpet cleaning is a small investment to make when it extends the life of your carpet. You may vacuum every day and we hope you do. However, there is a lot goes on in your carpet you can’t see and vacuuming can’t remedy. Miniscule bits of food, dirt, pet dander, and spills are accumulating in the fibres of your carpet. Those bits become significant over a few months and give off odours and break down your carpet fibres.

For homes and commercial carpets in Burscough, carpet cleaner Melling Carpet Care can bring can bring your carpet back to life. There are signs that your carpet has ground in dirt that is wearing down your carpet fibres. The “path” has a gray cast, the carpet looks matted and feels stiff to the touch. Dirty carpets give off odours you may not notice but visitors to your home will. You likely will notice it in the homes of others and not know the source. The air is less than fresh and smells less than clean.

When Melling Carpet Care is your carpet cleaner in Burscough, we advise you of the best cleaning method for your carpet. Hot water extraction is the best cleaning method and the one we use most of the time for homes. For offices, especially with carpet tiles, we use a low moisture cleaning system because there is less drying time and therefore less downtime for the business. There is a few types of carpet that will shrink or have colours that bleed. For those we use dry cleaning. Contact Melling Carpet Care when your carpet needs professional cleaning by an experienced team. We will clean your carpet and clean the air. Call for a quote and you will find our prices are budget friendly.