Carpet Cleaners in St Helens

Carpet Cleaners in St HelensWe at Melling Carpet Care are the leading carpet cleaners in St Helens. We are well established with an excellent reputation; just the company you want cleaning your carpets. We know carpeting is a large investment in your home so we take great care with the products we use. Regular carpet cleaning will extend the life and looks of your carpet and clean the air in your home at the same time. There are some who are misled into believing carpet cleaning wears the carpet out faster. They spot clean and vacuum frequently and forbid shoes inside to keep the carpet clean. Those are all good habits to prolong the life of your carpet. However, the dirt is still in the carpet even if it’s not visible.

Carpet manufacturers recommend twice a year professional carpet cleaning. If you have pets, heavy traffic areas or allergies in your family in St Helens, carpet cleaners will ideally be scheduled four times a year. Grit, food, spills, dander and dust mites can get ground deeply into your carpet fibres. Odours accompany them you may not notice but guests might. Loosening the particles and extracting them is the only way to remove the dirt and odour. At Melling Carpet our most frequent cleaning method is hot water extraction. Low extraction cleaning is great for commercial carpets so business can continue uninterrupted. For carpets subject to shrinkage we use a dry cleaning method. We choose carefully for you.

Our carpet cleaners in St Helens believe prep work is critical to effective carpet cleaning. We use our powerful vacuum to pull as much dirt as possible from the carpet before we use any cleaners. Stubborn stains and heavy traffic paths are pretreated. After the rest of the carpet is treated with the cleaning solution and agitated our heavy duty extractor pulls out the dirt and debris along with the water. Your carpet will dry quickly due to the extraction and no sticky residue is left behind to attract more dirt. Contact Melling Carpet Care and enjoy a fresh clean carpet that is once again soft. Set your cleaning schedule to keep your carpet in good condition. Spring and winter work well for most but quarterly is better for others.