Carpet Cleaners in Formby

Carpet Cleaners in FormbyEver wondered how carpet cleaners in Formby work? We use special equipment, sometimes referred to as a carpet extractor, to thoroughly clean a carpet. The equipment can remove deeply embedded stains and dirt. To start, the carpet is sprayed with a cleaning solution and let to soak for 15 minutes. After that, the extractor pumps water into the carpet, and removes all of the dirty, soapy fluid with a vacuum. Some extractors also have components which heat up the water before pumping it into the carpet.

For busy homeowners in Formby, carpet cleaners will get the job done. However, some prefer the DIY approach, in which case they can rent the equipment if it is available in their area. The method is fairly straightforward, as laid out above, but there are advantages to working with a professional. We have access to much more powerful equipment, and experience is on our side. Some companies use truck-mounted equipment, which has a much powerful vacuum, and which comes with the water preheater as part of the extractor. Rental equipment cannot achieve the same level of in-depth cleaning as professional equipment.

Melling Carpet Care are professional carpet cleaners in Formby. From regular rugs to Chinese and Persian rugs, we bring the same level of professionalism and care that ensures a perfect finish, without endangering your carpet. We offer a money back guarantee and are covered by full insurance. Clients include homeowners, businesses, pubs, churches, and real estate agents among many others. We also offers curtain, upholstery and sofa cleaning services, whether the sofa is material or leather. You can also opt-in for one of three methods when it comes to carpet cleaning. You have Hot Water Extraction, as explained above, Low Moisture Cleaning and Dry Cleaning. Low moisture cleaning is used on carpet tiles and large office arrears, and dry cleaning is used in special cases where colour migration and shrinkage pose a problem. To find out more, or to schedule a thorough carpet cleaning, contact Melling Carpet Care today. Your carpets will look brand new and smell wonderfully fresh.