Carpet Cleaners in St Helens

Carpet Cleaners in St HelensCarpets cleaners in St Helens can extend the life of your carpets. A family run business first established in 1994, we provide first class professional carpet cleaning services to our clients. From private homes, large office blocks and industrial settings, our carpet cleaners provide a thorough, efficient and competitively priced service. Keeping carpets clean is a priority. While regular vacuuming is done in homes and businesses, a deep clean, at least once or twice a year is highly recommended.  A thorough clean will keep your carpets looking and smelling fresh, and will ensure their longevity.

For your office block in St Helens, carpet cleaners use one of three carpet cleaning methods. Our preferred method for carpets and carpet tiles in office blocks is the low moisture cleaning method. Using specialised cleaning agents, and machines, our services ensure that your carpets are thoroughly clean. For households and small establishments, we use the hot water extraction method, the only method recognised by the world’s largest carpet manufacturers, Shaw Industries. This entails a step by step process to ensure a through and deep clean. The carpet is first vacuumed to remove any loose debris. A specialised cleaning solution is then rubbed vigorously into the pile of the carpets. After which the extraction machine thoroughly flushes the solution as well as any dirt from the carpet.

Carpet cleaners in St Helens will ensure any stubborn stains in the carpet are addressed. If you would like more information about how our carpet cleaners can deep clean your carpets, or to request a competitive quote, contact Melling Carpet Care. We are happy to clean all types of rugs and carpets, no matter their size, effectively and safely. Before we begin cleaning your carpet, we ensure that we use the right method for the carpet to be cleaned. Add a breath of fresh air to your home or office, and have your carpets professionally cleaned by the experts. You will also be pleased to know that we have full insurance and also offer a money back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied with our work.