Carpet Cleaning in Litherland

Carpet Cleaning in LitherlandHave you ever wondered why carpet cleaning in Litherland is so highly regarded? After all, you are an efficient house keeper and you vacuum your carpets at least once a week. Perhaps your carpets are surface clean, but are they completely clean? It is recommended by the experts that carpets be deep cleaned at least once a year. Deep cleaning a carpet is not a regular clean, it thoroughly cleans to remove all the unseen dust, dander and pollen hidden in the carpet. It also removes any odours, leaving your carpets fresh and smelling good.

For busy homeowners in Litherland, carpet cleaning is affordable and professionally done by the right company. When you use our expert carpet cleaners, you can be sure that your carpets will receive a thorough deep cleaning, and for an excellent rate. Effectively and safely cleaning all types of carpets, we make use of three different cleaning methods, each specially designed for the type of carpet and the amount of cleaning it requires. The method that we most prefer is the hot water extraction method. This entails a thorough vacuuming to ensure there is no loose dirt. After which we spray a specially designed cleaning solution onto the carpet which is then agitated deep into the pile with a mechanical machine. The dirt and the pre-spray is then flushed out by our powerful extraction machine, leaving your carpets thoroughly clean and fresh smelling. The other methods we use are low moisture cleaning which is typically used on large office areas which likely have carpet tiles. The last method used is reserved for extreme cases where shrinkage or colour migration could be a problem.

Professionals doing the carpet cleaning in Litherland always use only the best cleaning method for your type of carpet. If you would like more information about our exert carpet cleaning services, contact Melling Carpet Care. Our family run business, established in 1994, has provided top class carpet cleaning services to all our domestic and commercial clients, with excellent results. Why not use our services and ensure thoroughly cleaned carpets?