Carpet Cleaning in Huyton

Carpet Cleaning in HuytonWhen the carpet cleaners show up at your door for carpet cleaning in Huyton, how can you be sure they are competent and won’t ruin your expensive carpet? There’s only one way to know for sure; call Melling Carpet Care. Our family has been cleaning carpets, upholstery and even curtains for nearly 25 years. We contract with commercial clients, often on a regular schedule and with owners of rental units as tenants move in and out. We also have a large domestic client base who depend on us to extend the life of their carpets by keeping them clean. We have built an excellent reputation as professional cleaners that are reliable, effective and priced right. It will make you feel better to know we are also insured against all liability.

We don’t just clean carpets; we know carpet materials, manufacturers, brands and the best cleaning formula for each. In Huyton, carpet cleaning methods will depend on the kind of carpet to be cleaned. For commercial carpet, which is often carpet tiles we use a low moisture method. The low moisture is easy on carpet tile edges and the carpet is ready for use quickly. Offices, medical centres, restaurants and other commercial enterprises want customers walking on the carpet within a few hours of cleaning. That keeps business interruption minimal. Low moisture cleaning is the right method. We offer dry cleaning for carpets susceptible to colour fading or shrinkage. These days, we rarely encounter carpets that shrink or fade but if necessary, it’s available.

The method we use most at Melling Carpet Care for carpet cleaning in Huyton is hot water extraction. It’s a multi-step process that leaves carpets clean, dry and free of residue. We first vacuum then use our cleaning machine to work the cleaning solution deep into the carpet. We then extract the solution along with the dirt without soaking your carpet. Our extractor is so powerful, it does not leave behind water that results in mould growth, allergens or a soapy residue. It cleans and lifts the fibres so your carpet looks like new again. Contact Melling Carpet Care for professional service at the right price. Call us two to four times a year and your carpet will last longer.