Carpet Cleaners in Formby

Carpet Cleaners in FormbyIf you are looking for carpet cleaners in Formby, we are considered to be one of the best in the area. We use three different methods to clean carpets depending on their construction and materials. The first method of cleaning is hot water extraction and is recommended by Shaw Industries who are the world’s largest carpet manufacturer. We use this method on most of the domestic and commercial carpets we clean. Our special equipment sprays heated water, sometimes with added cleaning chemicals on the carpet. The water is simultaneously vacuumed up along with any dislodged and dissolved dirt. The dirt that accumulates in the carpet can lead to wear and pile abrasion so should be removed routinely.

Cleaning flooring and upholstery is not only aesthetically pleasing but it is sometimes necessary to remove dust and other allergens. In Formby, carpet cleaners use the second most popular method is low moisture cleaning which is normally used on large office areas covered with carpet tiles. The low moisture system usually uses a very different method as water is not sprayed onto the carpet and the solutions that are used dry very quickly. The third method is only used in extreme cases where shrinkage or colour migration could be a problem. Our usual process is to thoroughly vacuum the carpet to release any loose dirt. A cleaning solution is then sprayed onto the carpet. This is agitated deep into the pile with a machine. The powerful extraction machine then flushes the dirt and pre-spray out. Stubborn stains are then treated and removed where possible.

We have many years of experience as carpet cleaners in Formby and surrounding areas. Contact Melling Carpet Care today and book one of our experienced cleaners to rid your carpets of dust and dirt. We not only clean carpets but can offer a full service by cleaning leather, rugs, curtains and upholstery. If you have a family with allergies then it is wise to have all soft surfaces cleaned. Curtains and upholstery can hold as much dust and allergens as the carpet.