Carpet Cleaning in Bootle

Carpet Cleaning in BootleWhen you are looking for a professional company that provides carpet cleaning in Bootle, you’ll be pleased to find out that we have been established since 1994. Our family run business takes great pride in offering and providing an exceptional carpet cleaning service at a great price. Keeping your carpets spotlessly clean is an important part of the overall hygiene of your home. You most probably give your carpets a regular thorough vacuuming, but are they spotlessly clean?

To get rid of ingrained dirt, pet dander, and dust from your carpets in Bootle, carpet cleaning involves the use 1 of 3 methods.  We clean all types of carpets efficiently and very effectively. Of the 3 methods we use, hot water extraction is our most preferred method. This is also suggested as the only method, which is recommended by Shaw Industries, who are the world’s largest carpet manufacturer. Thorough carpet cleaning is recommended to keep your carpets spotlessly clean and germ free. With our professional team cleaning your carpets, you can be sure of total dirt and bacteria removal. Both germs and bacteria sink deep down into carpets. These two contaminants can create odours and they can also make the air in your home more difficult to breathe, as well as increase the offset of allergies. Why not give us a call today and schedule an appointment to have your carpets thoroughly cleaned?

The most popular methods that we use for carpet cleaning in Bootle is the hot water extraction. This involves vacuuming all the dirt and debris from the carpet before we apply a cleaning solution to your carpet. It is then agitated into the pile, and flushed out with our extraction machine, leaving your carpets looking, and smelling great. For more information about how we can assist with carpet cleaning, contact Melling Carpet Care. Our family run business has provided exceptional quality carpet cleaning services since 1994, and we continue to provide an affordable and effective to all our clients, both commercial and domestic. Prolong the life of your carpets with our top class carpet cleaning services.