Carpet Cleaners in Bootle

Carpet Cleaners in BootleWith help from top quality carpet cleaners in Bootle, you’ll keep your rooms fresh and hygienic. Melling Carpet Care is your partner in ensuring the health and well-being of your family, friends and staff at home and office. We have many years of experience in this sector and we’re proud to be known as the leading carpet and upholstery cleaning service in the Liverpool area and beyond. Most of our work comes to us via recommendations from satisfied clients. What sets us apart from our competitors in this sector is our client-centric approach, cost effective solutions and excellent quality. We believe that our services should benefit you and free up your time for more useful and productive work at home or in the office. Though carpet cleaning may seem to be a simple and quick job, often that swift sweep with a vacuum cleaner may not really be truly effective. If you have children, seniors and pets in the house, it’s likely that your carpets harbour deep seated dirt, grime, food and beverage spills, pet hair and excreta. These carpets become a breeding ground for micro-organisms, harmful bacteria, and allergens.

For homes and offices in Bootle, carpet cleaners employed by us ensure that we do a thorough site survey before we provide a detailed quote. We use several different methods, based on the size, amount of cleaning required and material that the carpet is made of. Hot water extraction, low moisture cleaning and dry cleaning are the three methods we use. Hot water extraction is the most commonly used method and is recommended for carpets at home and in some offices. Office carpets and carpet tiles are treated with low moisture cleaning, while dry cleaning is used only when the material is very delicate and there is a risk of shrinkage or colour migration.

We use a step-by-step process when we undertake a job, and our carpet cleaners in Bootle first remove loose dirt, then spray on and work in  the cleaning solution. This is then extracted and stubborn stains are removed by hand. To find out more about how our carpet cleaners can assist you, contact Melling Carpet Care. Thorough and regular cleaning keeps your carpets looking fresh and extends their lives.