Carpet Cleaners in Liverpool

Carpet Cleaners in LiverpoolAt Melling Carpet Care we are committed to being the carpet cleaners in Liverpool with the finest and most attentive customer service. We understand the investment you have in your carpet and soft furnishings. The cleaning process is important to the appearance and longevity of your carpet but only if it’s performed using the correct method. The heirloom silk turkish carpet you own cannot be cleaned using chemicals. Depending on pre testing for colour fastness we may not be able to use water either. At Melling Carpet Care, we test carpets for the correct cleaning method. We would likely dry clean your heirloom. We might be able to perform the task in your home but in some instances we would need to bring it into our shop. The rug needs to be cleaned but only by professionals.

Today’s carpets are often a synthetic blend whose fibres are coated with a finish that easily repels dirt and grime. For such carpets in Liverpool, carpet cleaners from our shop will use a hot water extraction method. It works wonderfully well because once we’ve loosened the dirt by vacuuming and working the cleaning solution into it, our powerful extractor pulls all the water, dirt and debris out, leaving your carpet clean and fresh smelling. These carpets are durable and can take a lot of traffic but to keep them looking and smelling clean, our hot water extraction method of cleaning twice a year is best. By extracting the water, the carpet dries quickly and there is no opportunity for mould to grow.

Natural fibres like wool are easily cleaned by our carpet cleaners in Liverpool using non-toxic gentle cleaning solutions. All carpets need to be vacuumed frequently to remove loose dirt because the dirt itself becomes the grit that wears out the carpet fibres when it’s walked upon. Add a professional cleaning a couple of times a year and your carpets will last a long time and stay new looking. Contact Melling Carpet Care and we’ll give you a quote for cleaning your carpets. Our family has been safely and successfully cleaning carpets since 1994. We treat your carpets with the same care we would our own. All of our work is guaranteed and our prices are competitive.