Carpet Cleaners in Prescot

Carpet Cleaners in PrescotIf you are looking for reliable and trustworthy carpet cleaners in Prescot, be sure to give us a call. Over the years we have built up a large client base through our reliable and thorough service. Anyone with allergies should be sure to have their home professionally cleaned regularly. The cleaning process removes the dust and any mites that may be in the carpet or soft furnishings. The curtains in the home can also be harbourers of dust and should be cleaned at the same time as the carpets. Our machines remove most of the moisture that is used to clean the carpets to enable them to dry quickly. The old machines left so much water in the carpets that it could be days before they were dry. The new technology brings the time down to a few hours.

We have three different types of cleaning methods namely hot water extraction, low moisture cleaning and dry cleaning. In Prescot, carpet cleaners mostly use the hot water extraction method which is recommended by one of the world’s leading carpet manufacturer as the only way to properly clean carpets and this is the method we normally use on domestic carpets and on many of our commercial projects.  The hot water and chemicals get right down into the carpet pile and drive the dust and dirt out. If you have any family members with allergies then this is the only way to remove the allergens.

We are one of the leading carpet cleaners in Prescot and the surrounding areas. Contact Melling Carpet Care today and arrange for our team to come and clean your carpets. We have many years of experience in providing expert cleaning to all makes of carpets and rugs especially the expensive Chinese and Persian variety. We make sure to identify the type of rug before we start the cleaning and test for colourfastness and shrinkage. We also clean leather suites and make sure the leather is well maintained. Leather can be particularly tricky and if cleaned with the wrong substance by the owner can be permanently damaged. Leather needs a conditioning and protective cream which keeps it supple and prevents cracking.