Carpet Cleaning in Prescot

Carpet Cleaning in PrescotFor professional carpet cleaning in Prescot, Melling Carpet Care is highly recommended. Over the years we have built up a large client base through our reliable and thorough service. Anyone with allergies should be sure to have their home professionally cleaned regularly. The cleaning process removes the dust and any mites that may be in the carpet or soft furnishings. The curtains in the home can also be harbourers of dust and should be cleaned at the same time as the carpets. Our machines remove most of the moisture that is used to clean the carpets to enable them to dry quickly. The old machines left so much water in the carpets that it could be days before they were dry. The new technology brings the time down to a few hours.

If you want to keep your home free of allergens in Prescot, carpet cleaning will remove dust mites that can cause asthma. Low moisture cleaning is usually used on large scale commercial office tiles. These have a very short pile and can be efficiently cleaned by this method. Dry cleaning is only used in extreme cases where shrinkage or colour migration could be a problem. When we come to your home to clean the carpets it may e a good idea to clean all the other upholstered items in your home. Curtains can be cleaned in the hanging position and this will remove any dust which has collected on the fabric.

Why not use a professional company for carpet cleaning in Prescot who pride in their services? Contact Melling Carpet Care today to book your carpet cleaning experience of a lifetime.  Besides cleaning carpets we also clean rugs, upholstered suites and curtains. Our special leather cleaners work wonders on leather sofas and chairs. We specialise in domestic and commercial cleaning. The commercial work includes End of Tenancy cleans, restaurants, churches, pubs and shops. Our expert cleaners have many years of experience in cleaning all types of carpets and rugs, as well as Persian and Chinese rugs. We first identify the type of rug before beginning the cleaning process. Some expensive and delicate rugs require a slightly different treatment and rinse if the dyes seem unstable. Our treatment of delicate rugs is thorough but careful.