Carpet Cleaners in Melling

Carpet Cleaners in MellingWe are one of the leading carpet cleaners in Melling with a reputation for trustworthiness and efficiency. Over the years we have built up a large client base through our reliable and thorough service. Anyone with allergies should be sure to have their home professionally cleaned regularly. The curtains in the home can also be harbourers of dust and should be cleaned at the same time as the carpets. Our machines remove most of the moisture that is used to clean the carpets to enable them to dry quickly. The old machines left so much water in the carpets that it could be days before they were dry. The new technology brings the time down to a few hours.

Many people suffer from asthma these days and much of the problem is due to the carpets. In Melling, carpet cleaners can remove the dust and dirt from your home leaving it fresh and clean and free of allergens. Everyone needs a good carpet clean once in a while. Our machines get down to the deepest layer of carpet fibres and lift the dust and dirt out.  This is impossible with a vacuum cleaner as it only removes the surface dust and dirt and will often lift it into the air.  Our machines use water and chemicals and so trap the dust before removing it. You will smell how much cleaner your home is once we have cleaned the carpets.

We are the carpet cleaners in Melling who care. Contact Melling Carpet Care today to book your carpets’ cleaning experience of a lifetime.  Besides cleaning carpets, we also clean rugs, upholstered suites and curtains. Our special leather cleaners work wonders on leather sofas and chairs. We specialise in domestic and commercial cleaning. The commercial work includes End of Tenancy cleans, restaurants, churches, pubs and shops. Our expert cleaners have many years of experience in cleaning all types of carpets and rugs even Persian and Chinese rugs. We first identify the type of rug before beginning the cleaning process. Some expensive and delicate rugs require a slightly different treatment and rinse if the dyes seem unstable. Our treatment of delicate rugs is thorough but careful.