Searching for the best Carpet Cleaners in Sefton?

Carpet Cleaners in SeftonAs carpet cleaners in Sefton, we are often asked how often carpets should be professionally shampooed. Our answer is they should always be professionally shampooed. We understand people want to know how often to clean their carpets but there is not a machine you can rent that will clean as well as our professional equipment. In addition, we have heard horror stories about do-it-yourselfers thinking more is better. Some use too much water and can’t extract it all so the rug ends us taking a week to feel dry. It also has a funky smell from the start of mould growth. Too much cleaner leaves a gummy residue that attracts more dirt. If they clean around furniture instead of moving it out, wet furniture bleeds stain onto the carpet where it stays.

It’s too bad that people spend so much money on renting carpet cleaners and buying the solutions for cleaning, deodorising, removing pet stains and more. Additionally, in Sefton, carpet cleaners sometimes require a lot of muscle power. Those are some reasons to hire our professional carpet cleaners at Melling Carpet Care. The answer to the question of how often it needs professional cleaning is, it depends. The average household carpet should be professionally cleaned at least once a year if the homeowner vacuums thoroughly twice a week. Thorough vacuuming means moving the vacuum over the floors slowly. Yes, you can vacuum the whole 7-room house in 20 minutes, but you didn’t get it thoroughly clean.

Our carpet cleaners in Sefton vacuum thoroughly as the first step to cleaning your carpet. For most carpets, we use the extraction method. After applying the cleaning solvent and working it into the carpet with hot water, our powerful extractor pulls out all the water and cleaner along with the dirt. Because of our powerful extractor, your carpet is not only clean but nearly dry. Contact Melling Carpet Care for an estimate and prepare to be surprised how affordable a once or twice a year cleaning can be. Plus, carpet cleaning that really cleans makes your carpet last longer, cleans the air, gets rid of most allergens and saves you a lot of work. We have been cleaning carpets since 1994; we know our carpets and cleaners.