Carpet Cleaners in Knowsley

Carpet Cleaners in KnowsleyDo  you know why there are so many personal carpet cleaners in Knowsley at the used sales? One reason is they don’t work very well. Another reason is they’re backbreaking to use. Save your money and your back; call Melling Carpet Care. We offer expert and guaranteed thorough cleaning of your carpets using, for most carpets, our hot water extraction method. This method is recommended by leading carpet manufacturers. We have powerful vacuums with which we first vacuum the loose dirt from your carpets. Our cleaning solutions are highly effective and we apply that next with our machine that works the cleaner deep into the carpet fibres with hot water.

Our carpet cleaning machines have powerful suction capabilities. So in Knowsley, carpet cleaners we use suction all the water from the carpet along with all the dirt, grime, old food and allergens. Really, you want to be there to see that because you will be amazed how much dirt a carpet can hold on to. But not for long with our hot water extraction method. Not only is your carpet clean, but is also almost completely dry so you can walk on it after about thirty minutes. You’ll love it because even the air will smell clean. All those trapped odours have been extracted. We have proven solutions for various stains and pet odours as well. All of our products are safe for use in homes and around children and pets.

Some carpets respond better to carpet cleaners in Knowsley using a dry cleaning method. If you have a carpet with colours that might run or fibres that could shrink, we have a dry solution that works very well. Commercial carpets, especially carpet tiles, respond great to our low moisture cleaning method. We can get these carpets back in use right away so businesses don’t experience downtime. Contact Melling Carpet Care for a truly clean carpet experience. It’s possible, the cost of our twice a year cleaning is less than you spend on the solution for your do it yourself machine. Even if it’s not, at least we don’t spill hot dirty water all over the house and your carpet is actually clean.