For Effective Red Wine Stain Removal in Maghull, Call the Experts

Red Wine Stain Removal in MaghullFor red wine stain removal in Maghull, call Melling Carpet Care. We offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. We’ve been cleaning carpets in the area in homes, offices, restaurants and pubs, churches and shops for decades. Proven methods which include hot water extraction are among the methods we use. That is the preferred method of major carpet manufacturers. Our cleaning solutions are safe and effective and our stain remover can stand up to most stains. We work the cleaning solution deep into your carpet. Then, using our powerful extraction machine, proceed to extract all the water along with dirt, allergens and odours from your carpet.  We leave you with a deep cleaned carpet ready to walk on within an hour.

Any stains left after our hot water extraction cleaning are treated individually with our stain remover. In Maghull, red wine stain removal is thought by many to be impossible to remove. They dab at it and scrub it, making the stain worse. When the spot dries, they place a throw rug over it and call it done. The carpet blends manufactured today are coated with a stain resistant substance before they’re woven. The carpets are also resistant to moisture. A spill will often just bead up on top of the carpet. So if you’re quick you can use a clean towel and gently place it on the wet area. Don’t scrub or rub the area. Gently dab and the towel will absorb most of the moisture.

At Melling Carpet Care we advise our customers regarding red wine stain removal in Maghull. Hopefully, you can get to the red stain immediately and use the clean towel absorption method we described for liquids. Allow the towel to absorb as much of the liquid as possible without rubbing. Contact Melling Carpet Care and we will likely be able to remove any residual stain completely. Our stain remover is very effective and we’ll flush the area with clean water then extract the water along with the remainder of the stain. If the stain is dried in or maybe an old stain, the task may be more difficult but we, in all likelihood, will be able to remove it.