Safe, Effective Sofa Cleaning in Aughton by a Professional Team

sofa cleaning in AughtonFor safe sofa cleaning in Aughton, count on Melling Carpet Care. Our gentle effective cleaning solutions will make your upholstered sofa look and smell like new again. Maybe you’ve never considered how your sofa smells or that it even has a smell. That’s because you are accustomed to the smells in your own home. Visitors, however, might notice a stale odour when they enter.  Napping and snacking on your couch assures that some body and hair oils along with food crumbs will find their way into your couch fibres. You may not allow pets on the couch, but if they are in the house, pet dander will invade your upholstery. Most of the dust in your home is dead skin cells and a little of it is outside dirt  That combination will eventually lead to unpleasant odours that can’t be covered with scented spray.

We are familiar with almost every type of upholstery fabric. In Aughton, sofa cleaning begins with a fabric test just to make sure we can use water and cleaning solutions safely. Most fabrics are easily cleaned. We gently clean the upholstery with our upholstery tool and extract the odour causing debris along with the dirty water. You can expect a drying time of about 6 hours. Your sofa colours will be bright again, dark areas will be clean and the sofa will smell fresh. As with carpet and curtain cleaning, sofa cleaning freshens the air in the room. Removing abrasive grit and debris will prevent the breakdown of fibres so your sofa lasts longer. For the very best results, clean your upholstery regularly to prevent the build-up of oily dirt.

We use the best method for your sofa cleaning in Aughton depending on the fabric type. That includes fabrics that must be dry-cleaned and also leather. Your investment in your furniture is safe with us. We are fully insured and offer a money back guarantee. Our family owned carpet and upholstery cleaning service has been established since 1994. During that time we have built an excellent reputation in all sectors including domestic, commercial, estate agents and landlords, churches, pubs and more. Contact us for a free quote on sofa cleaning and other upholstered furniture, carpets and curtains. Your indoor environment will smell clean and fresh and your furnishings will last longer.