Efficient and Professional Hotel Carpet Cleaner in Maghull Saves Time and Money

Hotel Carpet Cleaner in Maghull The hotel carpet cleaner in Maghull you choose for your hotel should be experienced, protect your carpets and be dependable. If you agree, then Melling Carpet Care is at your service with all the right qualifications. The most common methods of cleaning we use for commercial cleaning is hot water extraction and low moisture. Major carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction as an effective cleaning method. However, the low moisture method is very effective too and much easier on carpet tiles. Both methods work well and give you what you need; quick drying time. Hot water extraction pulls the cleaning solution and water out of the carpet so very little dampness is left behind. Low moisture uses less water along with cleaning compounds, so it will dry in less time.

We do sometimes use a dry cleaning method but that is usually reserved for delicate carpets or those with colours that will run. For our commercial carpet cleaning in Maghull, hotel carpet cleaner gets the job done quickly with hot water extraction or low moisture. This gets the carpet clean and back in use within hours. Since hotels don’t ever close, we develop a system for maintaining all areas. Public areas are usually cleaned in sections so no area is off limits for very long. The bedrooms can be cleaned on a maintenance schedule but we can also accommodate an off schedule room carpet cleaning when necessary. If we clean in the morning, the room will likely be ready by check in.

We are a leading commercial and hotel carpet cleaner in Maghull. Our cleaning system is a methodical multi-step process that cleans and protects your carpets. We leave the whole room smelling fresh and clean. No residue is left behind to attract more dirt or give your carpets a gummy feel.  Our company is fully insured and guarantees customer satisfaction or your money back. Our carpet cleaners are equipped with the tools and skills for upholstery and drapery cleaning as well. Contact Melling Carpet Care to keep your hotel smelling fresh and clean because it is fresh and clean. Even your most discriminating guests will be impressed.