Carpet Restorer in Bickerstaffe, Keeps your Carpets Looking as Good as New

Carpet Restorer in BickerstaffeWith help from a top quality carpet restorer in Bickerstaffe, your floor coverings can get a new lease of life. At Melling Carpet Care, we are a family run business that has been operational since 1994. Today, we are proud to be known as one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in the Liverpool area and beyond. We specialise in cleaning and restoration of all types of carpets. What sets us apart from others in this business is our commitment to excellence in quality, affordable pricing and dedication to customer satisfaction. We ensure that your carpets and rugs are cleaned and handled safely and effectively. Many clients come to us with severely stained, damaged carpets and rugs that they would prefer to throw away.

For all our clients in Bickerstaffe, carpet restorer services can help to transform your carpets, brighten the colours, soften the texture and fluff up the pile. A thorough deep cleaning with non-toxic products is a great way to deal with a stained and dirty non-wool carpet. As professional carpet cleaners, we start off with a site survey. The first step is to thoroughly analyse the type of carpet, its provenance, fabric and colours used. This helps us to decide what products are safest to use. Next our highly trained team of experienced professionals studies the kind of stains, damage, dents, wear/tear and dirt present on the carpet. We have different methods of carpet cleaning that we use in various situations – hot water extraction, low moisture cleaning and dry cleaning. We remove all loose dirt first with a thorough vacuuming and then remove stains and embedded contaminants with the right cleaning products and equipment.

The most important job of a carpet restorer in Bickerstaffe is to ensure that the carpet is thoroughly dry. We know that this can cause bad odours, and fungal growth. When you are looking for the professional services of a carpet restorer, be sure to contact Melling Carpet Care. Speak to us about an affordable quote for the care of your carpet. With our many years of service, attention to detail and professional workmanship, we can have your carpets looking as good as new.