Looking for a Professional Carpet Cleaner in Lydiate for Spotlessly Clean Carpets?

Carpet Cleaner in LydiateHow often is a carpet cleaner in Lydiate needed is a question we hear a lot at Melling Carpet Care. Of course, the answer is “it depends”. If you have recently purchased new carpet, check the manufacturer’s care instruction label. For domestic carpets, the most common schedule is once a year. For high traffic commercial carpet, the schedule is quarterly. That said, there are circumstances that could change those recommendations. In your home, if you have kids or dogs and cats, once a year might turn into twice a year for carpet cleaning. If you have kids and pets, then three or four times a year might be a better choice. For commercial carpet, depending on traffic patterns, you might not need to do the whole carpet area four times a year, just the heavy traffic area.

This kind of cleaning schedule would allow you to maintain a clean carpet. For those in Lydiate, our carpet cleaner recommends daily vacuuming for commercial spaces and twice weekly for domestic. Your carpet life will be extended using these cleaning schedules and methods. Occasionally, customers seek more frequent carpet cleaning. Their thinking is that more cleaning is better. It just doesn’t work that way. If you are having your carpet cleaned every month, you are wasting your money. Too much cleaning will actually damage your carpet. We use the best cleaning method for your carpet; hot water extraction, dry cleaning and low moisture.

Our most used method of carpet cleaner in Lydiate is hot water extraction. It’s recommended by most modern carpet manufacturers. Before use, we test your carpet to make sure the colours do not run. If they do, we’ll likely go with dry cleaning. Also commercial carpet tiles hold up better to low moisture cleaning and can be walked on within hours. For hot water extraction, our powerful equipment really gets down deep to loosen the dirt, pet hair and food spills. Then it’s all extracted out along with the dirty water. Contact Melling Carpet Care and get the best cleaning for your carpet. Our carpet cleaning crews are highly experienced and our company is well respected. We offer our clients a full money back guarantee if they are not completely satisfied with our work.