First Class Carpet Cleaning in Formby With an Excellent Result

Carpet Cleaning in Formby You might see one of us for carpet cleaning in Formby at a restaurant or retail shop. It probably makes you feel good that a business you frequent maintains a clean environment. It should. Look at all the people going in and out with shoes on. Waiters and waitresses are continuously carrying food trays and who knows how much gets dropped over the course of 8 hours. Children are eating and dropping bits on the floor and so are adults, although less so. Eventually, everyone gets up from the table and there’s an unseen shower of crumbs which they unknowingly grind into the carpet. No wonder a staff member is frequently vacuuming and sweeping. There is a lot of food, drink and grit getting ground into that rug every hour of the day. Frequent carpet shampooing is essential. 

Now, consider your own home and family habits. How often do you have to vacuum to keep it all under control? At your home in Formby, carpet cleaning may be as infrequent as once every two or three years. Sure, you think about it more often but time goes by and the yearly cleaning you promised yourself doesn’t happen. But, you vacuum a lot and that’s good. However, vacuuming cannot replace professional cleaning. Our solutions loosen the ground in dirt that vacuums can’t. We remove the spills that have dried deep into the carpet along with bits of food. That accumulation causes odours in your home. It also breaks down your carpet fibres and shortens the life of  your carpet. 

For carpet cleaning in Formby, we use a hot water extraction method to clean most of today’s carpets. Major manufacturers recommend it. After we pre-treat and work the solution into your carpet, the grit and stains become emulsified. We then use our powerful extractor to pull all the dirty water from your carpet. It will dry quickly so there is no leftover dampness to mould and no soapy residue to attract dirt. It really helps to eliminate the allergens that make their home in your carpet and cleans the air. Contact Melling Carpet Care and we’ll give you a quote on cleaning your carpets. We recommend between one and four times a year depending on the size of your family, living and eating habits and if you have pets.