Top Rated Carpet Cleaners in Lydiate for Perfectly Clean Carpets

Carpet Cleaners in Lydiate For one of the top carpet cleaners in Lydiate, choose Melling Carpet Care. We are family-owned, long-established and local. When you call our company to clean your carpet, we guarantee your satisfaction. Those aren’t just words; we mean what we say. We take care of our customers and make sure they get the results they pay for. Melling Carpet Care was established in 1994 and our business philosophy of customer satisfaction has never changed. During our time in this business, we are often reminded that there are those who are misinformed about carpet cleaning. You have probably heard some of the concerns yourself. They’re afraid we’ll shrink their carpet or that the carpet will wear out faster. Some believe carpet cleaning solutions attract dirt leading to a dirtier carpet.

It could be that at one time those concerns were valid but they are not true now and have not been valid for decades. For our customers in Lydiate, carpet cleaners are working with cleaning equipment and solutions that are proven safe and effective by carpet manufacturers. Customers often ask about the method we use for carpet cleaning. Our answer is that we use the method that is appropriate for the type of carpet. We are going to test your antique Oriental carpet. There can be shrinkage and colour runs in older carpets so we use a dry cleaning method. Commercial grade carpets and especially carpet tiles are popular in commercial settings that need frequent cleaning. We use a low moisture method very effectively. In these busy places, the carpet is dry and ready to walk on in 30 minutes.

As leading carpet cleaners in Lydiate, we know our carpet manufacturers. Shaw Industries is the largest, by far, carpet manufacturer in the world. The carpets manufactured are those most commonly used in households and commercial buildings today. They are durable, beautiful and stain resistant. These are the carpets we see most often and the method we use to clean them is manufacturer recommended. We use a hot water extraction process that leaves carpets clean, residue free, and quick drying. Quick drying is important so mould doesn’t have the opportunity to grow in long lasting dampness. Contact Melling Carpet Care for your carpet cleaning needs. We guarantee your carpet will look and smell clean and it will last longer.