Carpet Cleaners in Skelmersdale – Professional Team for Your Carpets

Carpet Cleaners in Skelmersdale Carpet cleaners in Skelmersdale remove more than dirt from your carpets. Daily family life creates a constant drift of all types of debris that filters down into your carpet. Most of it emits odours to which household members are nose blind. You don’t smell it but guests do. It’s far more subtle than week old trash but then it’s filtered down one microscopic bit at a time. The drops of milk from the glass of a child, bread crumbs from a carelessly carried plate, who knows what from within the pads of a dogs paws; it all lands on the rug and stays there. We humans shed about 40,000 skin cells every day. Pets spread dander about. All of that goes unseen but much of it lands in your carpet and furniture and stays there.

A thorough vacuuming of your carpet a couple of times a week will rid your carpet of much of the dirt and debris and loosen up even more. However, it can’t really remove the odours. In Skelmersdale, carpet cleaners that are professional and thorough are needed for deep carpet cleaning.  We  have decades of experience with all types of carpets. Occasionally, we have carpets that must be dry-cleaned. For much of our commercial work we use a low moisture extraction method because it’s quick drying. For most of today’s carpets however, we use a hot water extraction method. What we mean by extraction is not what you might find with a little do-it-yourself carpet cleaner. They pull just enough dirt out of your carpet to turn the water brown and make you feel good.

We use a powerful extraction tool because that’s what it takes to pull all the dirt and odour causing debris out of your carpet. We vacuum to loosen the dirt, spray on our special cleaning solution and work it in with a machine. Then we extract all the dirt, cleaning solution and debris out leaving no residue behind. All that is left is a clean carpet and fresh smelling air. Your carpet will dry quickly with no lingering moisture to attract mould growth. Contact Melling Carpet Care for regular carpet cleaning and upholstery too. The cleaning method we use is recommended by the leading carpet manufacturers in the world today. Cleaning does not wear out your carpet; just the opposite. Proper cleaning will extend the life of your carpet and clean the air.