Do You Need a Rug Cleaning Service in Lydiate?

Do You Need a Rug Cleaning Service in Lydiate?Do you need a rug cleaning service in Lydiate after an accidental coffee spill? Many people try to stuff smaller rugs and mats into washing machines in the hope that a machine can remove what good old elbow grease can’t, but there are two issues that arise from this. Firstly, what do you do with large rugs that definitely won’t fit in any machine? Secondly, if scrubbing does not solve the issue, only professional deep cleaning techniques will. Substances like coffee, wine, printer ink and chewing gum are notoriously difficult to remove from rugs and carpets, and most people simply resign to have an ugly stain in that spot forever.

The time to start spring cleaning is now, and so we ask those in Lydiate, do you need a rug cleaning service? Never again worry about unsightly stains and blemishes on your carpets with Melling Carpet Care. We can treat and remove almost any type of stain, no matter how severe. There is no longer any need to hide your favourite rug under a table or couch because of a dirty mark – let us restore your rug to its former glory so that it can have centre stage.

We take pride in our exceptional carpet and rug cleaning service in Lydiate and surrounding areas. Contact Melling Carpet Care for a rug cleaning service second to none. We have many years of experience in cleaning Chinese and Persian rugs. Before beginning our work, we always check the type of rug and its colourfastness and shrinkage to ensure that the cleaning process does not ruin the colour or quality of the material. Most rugs can be effectively cleaned using our regular cleaning procedure but we also have an acid-based cleaner and rinse for special circumstances. The process is comprehensive and fully compliant with safety and quality measures.