Finding a Carpet Cleaner in Litherland

Finding a carpet cleaner in LitherlandFinding a carpet cleaner in Litherland that also offers upholstery and soft furnishing cleaning is a blessing! Melling Carpet Care can clean all carpets and rugs, curtains, upholstery and even leather. Our three different cleaning methods are safe and effective, ensuring the best results for your carpets. Hot water extraction is the first and most popular method. It is recommended by Shaw Industries (the world’s largest carpet manufacturer) for most domestic and commercial carpets. Low moisture cleaning is another method we use frequently, which is ideal for carpet tiles and office areas. Carpet dry cleaning is our alternative method when water may cause extensive shrinkage or colour bleeding, which is not often.

Whether it is your home or office in Litherland, finding a carpet cleaner should be an important part of your spring cleaning routine. Your carpet holds all sorts of particles, like dust, dirt, allergens and even mites that a vacuum cannot effectively remove. Stains are even trickier, and DIY stain removal often results in a faded, worn-out patch of carpet even more noticeable than the original stain. Our comprehensive step by step cleaning procedure offers unbeatable results. Get all your curtain and upholstery cleaning done at the same time and save yourself time and effort.

Finding a carpet cleaner in Litherland ends when you contact Melling Carpet Care. We can take care of all your carpet cleaning needs and more. We provide honest, realistic advice about your carpet cleaning requirements and how we can help. The first step is to remove loose dirt and dust via vacuuming before applying our special cleaning solution. Our machine will agitate and lather the solution deep into the carpet. The dirt and solution are then flushed out by our powerful extraction machine. If any stains are present, we treat and remove them in the final step. Keep your carpets looking, feeling and smelling clean with our help.