Leather Sofa Cleaning in Sefton

Leather Sofa Cleaning in SeftonConsider professional leather sofa cleaning in Sefton when your upholstery begins to look shabby, dusty or less than sparkling fresh. At Melling Carpet Care, we ensure that your upholstery regains its brand-new look. Another plus point is that it protects your and your family’s health and safety. A thorough cleaning of your high-value leather sofa keeps it free of fungal and insect infestations. This also enhances its longevity and keeps it soft and comfortable for you.

For homeowners in Sefton, leather sofa cleaning need not be a source of anxiety. Many first time customers are concerned about whether their expensive leather upholstery will get damaged, fade or shrink after cleaning. All your doubts can be put to rest when you speak to our highly trained, fully-experienced and licensed technicians. Before we undertake any job, we ensure that we make a site-visit to understand your needs, the size, quality and condition of your leather sofas. This also gives us an opportunity to give you an estimate regarding time, labour and costs involved. We also inform you about the products we may need to use, based on the condition of your leather sofa. If there are a lot of stains or marks on the surface, it may require deep cleaning. Additionally, if you have pets, children or seniors sharing the sofa, there may be food spills, wine or beverage stains, crayon or marker stains that need to be removed using special products. We keep you informed about all these aspects before we undertake the job.

Leather sofa cleaning in Sefton should be carried out only by licensed, qualified and insured professionals. Otherwise you could end up ruining an expensive piece of furniture beyond repair. If you require more information about our leather sofa cleaning services, contact Melling Carpet Care. We are experienced experts in cleaning all kinds of upholstery. We use the latest techniques, environmentally friendly cleaning products and ensure that your furniture and upholstery are perfectly dry before we sign off.