Rug Cleaning in Southport

Rug Cleaning in SouthportRug cleaning in Southport can be very tough to handle on your own. Even if you have the latest steamer or most powerful vacuum, it never feels as if the rug is quite as clean as it should be. While small mats like door or bathroom mats can easily be bundled into a washing machine, most rugs are, firstly, too large for a machine, and more importantly, much too valuable for such a treatment. A Persian or Chinese rug is a very valuable and prized investment, and needs the upkeep to match. Many rugs also have the risk of colour fades, colour running, unravelling or general wear and tear if not properly cared for. As such, a rug cleaning service from the professionals is the recommended course of action.

Never again worry about damaging your rug during a cleaning. In Southport, rug cleaning by Melling Carpet Care will ensure that your rug is kept in the best condition, if not improved. Our cleaning service will treat any stains and remove any dirt and dust, making it look, feel and smell better for longer. Before we start, we always check the material and manufacturer of your rug, so that we know all the important details about dyes, colourfastness, shrinkage and other properties that may be affected in a washing service. To treat very delicate or specially made rugs we have a special cleaner and rinse, but most rugs can be effectively cleaned in our regular cleaning process.

Our rug cleaning in Southport will preserve the integrity and longevity of your rugs. Contact Melling Carpet Care for rug cleaning. Our service adheres to quality and safety standards, and we have much experience in dealing with the individual characteristics and requirements of particular brands and types of rugs. We can come to your home or office for an immediate cleaning solution. Our service offers reliable, effective and top quality results.