Need Your Carpet Cleaning in Kirkby

Need Your Carpet Cleaning in KirkbyConsider that perhaps you need your carpet cleaning in Kirkby before you decide to replace your older carpet. A good professional cleaning can bring an old carpet back to life. As the dirt is lifted out of the fibres they can spring back up and the original colour may be revealed once again. One reason your carpet may look old and in need of replacement is improper cleaning. Using the wrong cleaning method can be as bad for your carpet as no cleaning. The reason for that is often poor extraction. You get the cleaning solution on the carpet where it absorbs the dirt and grime but not all of it comes out when you extract. That mixture stays in your carpet fibres and dulls the appearance as well as weighing down the fibres.

We are a well-respected carpet cleaner with a reputation for excellent results. If you, in Kirkby, need your carpet cleaning, we achieve those excellent results for you by using a comprehensive multi-step process. The process includes loosening the dirt with a through vacuum, working our special cleaning solution into the pile with a machine. The last step, extraction, is crucial to the finished results. We have a extraction machine so powerful that it pulls the dirt and cleaning solution completely out, leaving only clean soft carpet behind. If tough stains still show we manually spot clean them last.

We bring years of experience and knowledge to you when you need your carpet cleaning in Kirkby. Contact Melling Carpet Care for an estimate for the right cleaning process for your carpet. We use three different methods. Most of the time hot water extraction is the best method and recommended by most leading carpet manufacturers. We regularly use low moisture cleaning solutions for carpet tiles. We rarely use dry cleaning but if there is risk of shrinkage or colour fade then fortunately we have this method available. Whichever is best for your carpet we know you will love the way your carpet looks, feels and smells. Maybe you can put off purchasing that new carpet for a while longer.