Quality Carpet Cleaner in Maghull

Vacuuming can keep your carpet clean, but a quality carpet cleaner in Maghull knows that it’s not only about dirt and grime, but about getting rid of stale smells too. At Melling Carpet Care, you can have full confidence that you’re dealing with a leading carpet cleaning company. It’s not only carpets that are brighter and fresher – we clean rugs, upholstery and curtains as well. For fragile items like leather sofas or Persian carpets, we take care to clean them thoroughly, yet gently. We offer full insurance as well as money back guarantees that if you’re not satisfied with the work we do, we give you your money back.

As a quality carpet cleaner, we use three different cleaning methods for an excellent result. These include dry cleaning, hot water extraction and low moisture cleaning. In Maghull, a quality carpet cleaner most often chooses the hot water extraction method as this is the only method recommended by Shaw Industries. They are the world’s largest carpet manufacturer and have investigated the most suitable method for cleaning their carpets. The other option is low moisture cleaning. We also use fairly often as it is effective. For starting any carpet cleaning project, we thoroughly assess the carpet before deciding on the correct and most suitable procedure.

As a quality carpet cleaner in Maghull, we know that our customers choose us because we offer safe methods that work well. Our prices are also competitive. Contact Melling Carpet Care today if you would like to use the services of a quality carpet cleaner. A thorough cleaning of your carpet will ensure that all harmful bacteria, dust mites and ingrained dirt are removed. A dirty carpet can increase the chances of allergic reactions in those who live in your home. Many people are allergic to dust mites and pollen, and these can remain in your carpet, regardless of how thoroughly you have vacuumed. A thoroughly clean carpet can help avoid allergic reactions for those living in your house. Using our expert services means that you will have spotlessly clean, odour free and hygienic carpets throughout your home.