Carpet Cleaners in Waterloo

Carpet Cleaners in WaterlooAt Melling Carpet Care, carpet cleaners in Waterloo, we see a lot of dirty carpets. We sometimes talk to customers that were reluctant to call us because they felt embarrassed their carpets haven’t been cleaned for a while. Others have declared their carpet hopeless and beyond cleaning. We welcome those challenges and we have since 1994. Most carpeting today is a blend that releases dirt and stain more easily than you might think if the right steps are followed. Do you worry about stains from the kids grape juice, puppy training accidents? We can get most stains and odours out of your carpet leaving it fresh and clean smelling. The softness of the pile can be seen and felt again with no residue left behind to attract dirt.

Successfully cleaning carpets that have heavy wear from family life is a process we have perfected for the best possible results. After a thorough vacuuming in Waterloo, carpet cleaning begins when we spray our safe but effective cleaning solution over the carpet from edge to edge. Then we work the cleaner into the carpet using a machine that agitates the solution deep into every part of the carpet. All the dirt and grit are loosed by this process and ready to be extracted along with the cleaning solution. You need the right tool for the job and our extracting machine is powerful; first flushing the dirt and cleaning solution loose and then extracting all of it along with moisture. Then we tackle the tough stains one at a time. Most will come clean but all will be improved.

As carpet cleaners in Waterloo, it is gratifying for us when customers see how clean the carpet is. Often customers think they will get it cleaned as best they can, not expecting much, and save for new carpet. Once they see their newly cleaned carpet, they rethink the need to replace it. Actually, if they would schedule us to clean their carpet twice a year, they could extend the life and the looks of their carpet longer. Contact Melling Carpet Care and we will come out and give you a price quote. Even carpet that is old will look, feel and smell better after we clean it.