Carpet Cleaners in Crosby

Carpet Cleaners in CrosbyOur team at Melling Carpet Care, carpet cleaners in Crosby, has the knowledge and equipment to safely and thoroughly clean any carpet. Some think safety and thorough do not go together when speaking of carpet cleaning. Our family not only knows it’s possible to accomplish both but we are experts at getting the job done. We’ve been doing it successfully since 1994 because we know carpets and cleaning solutions and which is best together. For instance, if your carpet is likely to shrink or colours run when wet, we will not use the hot water extraction method. We have a good dry cleaning system that works well and won’t damage the carpet.

Carpet tiles, such as you often see in large commercial areas are designed to be lifted out and replaced as needed.  For commercial customers in Crosby, carpet cleaners using the wrong cleaning equipment could cause tiles to lift or curl. If the space is a 500 square foot showroom and a few carpet tiles are damaged, you do not have to replace the whole area with new carpet, just the damaged tiles. At Melling Carpet Care we use a low moisture method so carpet is clean and deodorised without causing tiles to lift, shrink or curl at the corners. Since commercial areas get a lot of foot traffic, we can clean frequently using this low moisture solution because it not only cleans but it’s quickly ready to walk on again.

Our carpet cleaners in Crosby find the hot water extraction method the best choice for deep cleaning most carpeting sold. Many carpet brand fibres are individually treated for dirt and stain resistance when you buy them. We pretreat them with a cleaning solution, work it in well with hot water and then extract with an extraction machine so powerful it pulls out most all the moisture and the dirt along with it. Your carpet is walk on ready in 30 minutes with no soapy residue left behind and the factory applied fibre protection is still effective. Contact Melling Carpet Care for professional carpet cleaning. You will be pleased with your carpet that looks and feels new again.