Carpet Cleaners in Ormskirk

Carpet Cleaners in OrmskirkMelling Carpet Care is tops among carpet cleaners in Ormskirk. We know because we’re the ones doing the cleaning. We know when that odour is gone from a rental house carpet telling us it’s clean. You may not have even noticed the dirty carpet smell; you just know old tenants moved out and carpets needed to be cleaned before new ones moved in. The restaurants where we clean carpets get a lot of foot traffic off the street so when they look dull we clean them. You have no idea how much dirt we pull out of those carpets. The same is true for homes. Before we clean your carpets at home, they are usually matted but when we finish, the pile is soft and fluffy again; almost like new even if that carpet is at least ten years old.

Your faithful dedication to frequent vacuuming helps minimise the amount of grit that embeds itself deep in the carpet and breaks down the fibres. So, vacuuming is part of the care needed for your carpet in Ormskirk; carpet cleaners is the other part. We know some people believe carpet cleaning wears out the carpet faster. It’s just not true. Today’s synthetic carpets and wool blended with synthetics wear like iron if you take care of them. What wears them out is ground in dirt and grit. Spills bead up on carpets so if you catch it right away, it will blot away with a towel. If you don’t catch it right away, we have a safe stain remover that is very effective and we’ll get it out.

How often, you may wonder, should I call out carpet cleaners in Ormskirk? We say it depends on how much traffic your carpet is exposed to. Commercial buildings more often than homes and homes at least twice a year. More is better because a clean carpet is brighter, wears longer and keeps your rooms smelling fresher. If you have allergies, clean the carpet more often because our hot water extraction process pulls those allergens right out of their hiding place. Contact Melling Carpet Care and let us help you protect and maintain the substantial investment you have in carpeting. We have been your local carpet care provider since 1994.