Carpet Cleaning in Ormskirk

Carpet Cleaning in OrmskirkKeep your interiors fresh and hygienic with excellent carpet cleaning in Ormskirk from Melling Carpet Care. As one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in the Liverpool area and beyond, we’re proud of our reputation. We believe in top-quality, efficient and cost-effective services, based on a customer-centric approach. We specialise in cleaning all types of carpets and rugs and can ensure that your valuable floor-coverings are returned in pristine condition. Though most people regularly vacuum their carpets and rugs, getting them professionally cleaned is equally important. This means that your carpets and rugs gets a thorough cleaning, ridding it of any harmful micro-organisms, allergens or insects. If you have children and pets in the house, it’s quite possible that your carpets may hide a lot of bacteria and germs. Get them deep-cleaned to ensure complete cleanliness.

Keeping your carpet dirt free also extends its life and good looks. In Ormskirk, carpet cleaning ensures that valuable rugs and carpets retain their bright colours and designs without an unsightly coating of grime and dirt. Well-cleaned carpets can last twice as long with proper maintenance. At Melling Carpet Care, we offer three methods: Hot Water Extraction, Low Moisture Cleaning and Dry Cleaning. Hot water extraction is the most commonly used method for domestic and commercial clients. A pre-treated detergent solution is applied and a hot rinse solution under high pressure is forced into the carpet, then vacuumed out. This removes grease, dust, allergens and residues thoroughly. Low moisture cleaning is used in office areas and on carpet tiles. In extreme cases where there are chances of shrinkage or colour migration, we use dry cleaning.

Professional carpet cleaning in Ormskirk is a job that’s best left to us. Our highly-trained, experienced and knowledgeable team can ensure that we meet your expectations. When you need a professional carpet cleaner, contact Melling Carpet Care. With more than two decades’ experience in the business, we have built a solid reputation for excellent services at affordable rates. Before we recommend the type of cleaning procedure required, we conduct a thorough study of your carpets and rugs. We carry full insurance and a complete money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.