Carpet Cleaning in Liverpool

Carpet Cleaning in LiverpoolCarpet cleaning in Liverpool is a big part of home and commercial space maintenance for clean indoor air. Did you know if you have pets in your house you are supposed to vacuum every day and have your carpets cleaned 4 times a year? That’s how you get rid of dirt, dust mites, food odours and pet dander. This schedule will keep the air cleaner and less irritating to those with a sensitivity to dust and dander. Your home or business will smell cleaner too. Our carpet cleaning service is a leader in this area and our experience and reputation is abundant and well established. We don’t limit our services so we are available for domestic cleaning, offices, restaurants, rental agents and more. You can trust your fine Persian rugs to our care.

The majority of our carpet cleaning is performed using the hot water extraction method. To protect from colour runs and shrinkage of some carpets in Liverpool, carpet cleaning is best done using a dry cleaning method. Carpet tiles are better cleaned using a low moisture method so tiles don’t loosen and the carpet can be walked on within the hour. It’s perfect for large commercial areas. For everybody else the hot water extraction method loosens dirt and debris and then extracts it along with the water and cleaning solution. We pull out the moisture so your carpet is ready to walk on within a short time and there’s no moisture left in the fibres for mould to grow.

We would like to dispel some of the myths regarding carpet cleaning in Liverpool. Carpet cleaning does not wear out your carpet; on the contrary, it extends the carpet life by removing the grit that wears out fibres. Some believe that once you clean the carpet it removes the protective finish and now it will get dirty faster. It’s not true; the stain protector is manufactured into each and every fibre and cleaning won’t remove it. You may have experienced carpets that feel gummy after cleaning. That is caused by poor cleaning methods that put a cleaning solution down but don’t extract all of it. Contact Melling Carpet Care for your carpet cleaning needs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.