Carpet Cleaning in Huyton

Carpet Cleaning in HuytonMelling Carpet Care does carpet cleaning in Huyton that is guaranteed to leave you satisfied. With dust particles perpetually always in the air, it is easy for them to settle on surfaces and if those surfaces are not cleaned properly, the environment you’re in becomes a potential health hazard. This goes for carpet cleaning as well. A simple sweep may be enough for light cleaning, but it isn’t efficient enough for a proper clean. Using a vacuum cleaner is also helpful, but not all carpet dirt is taken care of by this method. Proper deep cleans leave your carpet looking good as new and remain free from attracting dust particles for longer periods of time. You might feel cleaning it yourself is easier and more cost efficient, but you don’t always have the time and even doing a deep clean without proper drying measures provides the perfect environment for mould growth, thanks to the damp conditions.

Hiring professional services will save you time and eventual potential exposure to other elements. In Huyton, carpet cleaning is done using various methods, with each being suitable for various situations. Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacture, recommends using the Hot Water Extraction method. We use this mostly for commercial jobs and on domestic carpets as well. The low moisture cleaning method is used regularly on large office arrears, more so on carpet tiles. We like to reserve the dry cleaning method for the most extreme of cases, where shrinkage and colour migration of the carpet could occur. Whatever method of cleaning we use, we follow a step-by-step procedure that will help us get through to the toughest of stains, for a carpet that looks, feels and is clean, as well as smells good. We are careful to use the correct method for the task at hand in order to ensure the best results.

If you’re in need of carpet cleaning in Huyton, Melling Carpet Care is only a phone call away. Contact us today and we’ll have your carpets and rugs cleaned safely and effectively. We also offer upholstery, leather and curtain cleaning as well.