Carpet Cleaners in Aintree

Carpet Cleaners in AintreeMelling Carpet Care, carpet cleaners in Aintree share something special with many of our clients, especially domestic clients. It’s a feeling of great accomplishment combined with a complete gross out while watching the dirty water being pulled out of your carpet during cleaning. The dirtier the water the greater the fascination. It’s really very special. There is never any need to feel horrified by the amount of dirt your carpet has been harbouring for a year. It would be about the same in anyone’s home carpet. Once the cleaning process is completed there’s a change in the air; it smells fresh and clean bringing about euphoria for some. The impact of clean carpet is gratifying especially considering the low cost.

There is nothing we like better than a satisfied customer, commercial or domestic. In Aintree, carpet cleaners Melling Carpet Care is our family owned business established in 1994. The hot water extraction method is the appropriate choice for most domestic and commercial carpets. Our non-toxic cleaning solution is highly effective at loosening the dirt and separating it out from your carpet fibres. This enables our powerful suction machine to pull all the dirt and grit from your carpet along with the water and cleaning solution. The hot water, cleaning solution and suctioning is completely safe for your carpet and in fact may extend the carpet life. It’s the dirt and grit being ground into fibres and breaking them down that wears your carpet out.

We have other methods as carpet cleaners in Aintree. Some carpet colours will run if water is used so we have a very effective dry cleaning solution. At Melling Carpet Care we offer a low moisture cleaning solution often preferred by commercial clients. It’s safe on carpet tiles and leaves your carpets dry enough to walk on in a short time. We can rope off a section to clean and when finished move people to that side while we clean the other section. This is how you get your carpet cleaned without having to close your doors to business. Contact Melling Carpet Care for all your carpet cleaning needs. We’ll test your carpet and decide the carpet cleaning solution that will work best for you.