Carpet Cleaners in Lydiate

Carpet Cleaners in AughtonFor local, established and trusted carpet cleaners in Lydiate, speak to Melling Carpet Care. Unless you have delicately woven fibres or handmade rugs, the truth is that carpet cleaning will make your carpets last longer. It won’t hurt your carpet and in fact, the extraction method we use is the one recommended by the world’s largest carpet manufacturer. Most domestic carpets and many commercial carpet cleanings are best carried out using this method. It’s very effective and dries within an hour to the touch.

We have effective low moisture and dry carpet cleaning methods for those carpets not made for hot water extraction. For most carpets in Lydiate, carpet cleaners extraction method is the best choice. If you are a busy family, with kids and maybe with pets, we would recommend a hot water extraction cleaning four times a year. That is not excessive and here is why: The dirt from shoes and pet paws fall into the carpet. House dust, which is mostly dead skin cells that attract dust mites lands in the carpet fibres. Crumbs from the food you walk through the house eating slips down into the carpet. Milk and juice spills dry into the fibres. So, the carpet smells, grit is breaking down fibres and allergens are at home in your carpet. Vacuuming doesn’t get it all and you end up with poor air quality.

Carpet cleaners in Lydiate treat your carpet with our special solutions then agitate the cleaner into the carpet along with hot water. Then, we have this powerful suction tool that extracts the water and along with it, all the dirt, odours and allergens. Nothing gets left behind, including the water. So, your carpet is ready to walk on within an hour. There is no moisture deep down to attract mould growth. It’s dry, clean and sweet-smelling and so is the air in your home. Contact Melling Carpet Care and let us give you a quote on regular carpeting cleaning for your home or your commercial property. Our prices are competitive and our results leave you with a clean carpet and no cleaner residue.